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The City of Kalamunda has established a $1 million COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund to support households, community groups and small businesses that employ staff and are subject to closure or highly impacted by the shutdown restrictions announced by the Government as a result of the corona virus (COVID-19). Community groups are invited to apply for innovation grants up to $5000 to help our community recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

Please read these Guidelines before applying.

Opening Date: Applications open 1 July 2020.

Closing Date: Applications close 31 August 2020.

Available Funding
Additional Details

How to Apply

Applicants should check the criteria for eligibility and speak with the City’s Community Development Team prior to submitting an application.

Note: All questions in the application must be completed to ensure timely assessment and grant payment. Applicants will be notified by email of the outcome and any conditions. Grants above $1000 will need Council approval prior to payment. Successful applicants must supply an acquittal report within three months of the project’s conclusion.


Applicants can submit their details online below or alternatively an application form can be downloaded and submitted via email or in person at 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda during business hours.

Note: This application is subject to approval and funding available.
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Business Company Details

For future correspondence, please ensure it is correct.

Is the organisation incorporated?
Is the organisation registered for GST?
Does the organisation have public liability insurance to the value of $10,000,000 (ten million)?
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Project Details

Applicant has discussed the project with the community development team, prior to application?
The project meets the objectives of the fund
The project addresses a need within the City of Kalamunda community, with demonstrated benefit
The project demonstrated understanding of, and responsiveness to challenges faced by the community
The project demonstrates quick and effective outcomes for the community
The applicant demonstrates organisational capacity and ability to deliver the project and manage the funds
The applicant demonstrates community engagement and partnerships in the project planning
All projects must be completed by the 30 March 2021
The project demonstrates innovation and creativity
Project Budget Breakdown:
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Additional Documentation:
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Declaration & Agreement

Acknowledgement and Lodgement

  1. Privacy Consent
    I acknowledge that the City of Kalamunda administering the Grant program, is subject to certain legislative and administrative
    accountability and transparency requirements of the Australian Government and Government of Western Australia, including public disclosure in accordance with Premier and Cabinet policy.
    I acknowledge that the City of Kalamunda will treat all information provided by applicants sensitively.
    I agree that any information contained in, or relating to, an application, including information identified by an applicant as
    confidential, may be disclosed by the City of Kalamunda:
    • to its employees, advisers or third-parties in order to assess and process an application;
    • where information is authorised or permitted by law to be disclosed; and/or
    • where the information is already in the public domain.
    • I acknowledge that information collected will be used and held for the purposes of assessing the application, administering and handling the grant in accordance with the Grant Guidelines.
  2. Consent and Declaration
    I declare that:
    I am authorised for and on behalf of the entity nominated in this application to provide this declaration and to submit this
    The organisation is a going concern, and I have not, to the best of my knowledge having made all reasonable inquiries, omitted any information that:
    1. Would have a bearing on the consideration of my application, and I acknowledge that I may be required to provide evidence of statements made in this application.
    2. The statements set out in this application are true and correct in every particular.
    3. Neither I, nor any other person associated with this organisation, has previously applied for this grant.
    4. I acknowledge that failing to provide some or all of the information which the City of Kalamunda requests about me may
      result in this application not being processed or approved.
    5. The details provided in this application are true, complete and accurate, including the Australian bank account details
      (BSB and Account Number) provided as part of this application. I acknowledge and accept that the provision of incorrect
      details will delay the processing of my application and/or not receiving payment as a result of the provision of incorrect
      bank account details.
    6. I understand that if any information provided in this application is found to be untrue or misleading, the grant will be
      repayable on demand, and the matter may be referred to law enforcement and penalties may apply.
I am making the above declarations; and I agree that if our organisation receives a grant we will be legally bound by the Grant Terms and Conditions set out above.
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Please do not close this window until you receive a confirmation message. This may vary depending on your internet connection as well as how many attachments and how large they are. All successful applications will receive a confirmation email to the supplied email address - please ensure your email is correct prior to submission.
NOTE: Using Internet Explorer is no longer supported.  It is recommended that another compatible browser such as Edge, Chrome or Safari is used. 
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