Microbat Project

A City habitat enhancement project to create homes for local micro bats that it is hoped it will reduce local mosquito numbers.

The City of Kalamunda are encouraging residents and schools to participate. They will collect data on current mosquito populations and trouble spots while partnering with the Foothill’s Men’s Shed to build the boxes. City staff will then install the boxes in priority locations while working with schools and the community to deliver education programs

Buy your own Microbat Box!

Do you want your own microbat box for your yard? Currently the Foothills Men’s Shed is making boxes upon requests from residents.

By installing your own microbat box near your home, you aid in providing roosting spots for Microbats to live, due to urbanisation and deforestation their homes are getting removed at a rapid pace which is why many of the species or endangered. they can take up 18 months to find the home, however. You may also find the mosquito population levels decrease around your home due to microbat’s diets consisting primarily of mosquitoes and other insects. An additional positive by minimising mosquito populations is reducing the likelihood of residents catching blood borne diseases that mosquitos may carry depending on the resident species.

1The current cost is $50.00 per box.

Building and placing your Microbat Box in a tree

  • Make sure you use non-oil-based paint that is nonhazardous
  • 2 Boxes per tree (about 8m above the ground on a singular trunk trying to represent a hollow
  • The more compartments a box has, the better
  • Over 100 bats can fit in the box
  • The hessian is for them to grip onto the box
The small entry pathways are small enough for the bats to get in and small enough, so predators or other animals do not inhabit them 

School Involvement

The schools that were involved in the painting of the boxes in 2021.

  1. Maida Vale Primary School (Year 5 class)
  2. Kalamunda Primary School (Year 6 class)
  3. Gooseberry Primary School (Year 4 class)
  4. St Brigid’s Lesmurdie Primary School (Year 4 class)
  5. Mary Mount Primary School (Year 6 class)
  6. Lesmurdie Primary School (Year 1 class)
  7. Kalamunda Christian School (Year 6)

The City of Kalamunda would also like to thank the Foothills Men’s Shed for making the boxes.


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1 In September 2021, due to an increase of infrastructure  and building materials costs, the price of microbat boxes increased to $50.
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