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2021 Annual Mosquito Control Program

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : March 2022
Location : Various within the City of Kalamunda

The City of Kalamunda’s Annual Mosquito Control Program is commencing October 2021. Our program includes monitoring mosquito populations by setting a number of traps throughout the city and baiting storm water gullies to prevent larvae from developing into adult mosquitos.

Mosquito breeding poses a very serious health risk, an increased mosquito population heightens the risk of exposure to mosquito-borne diseases such as Ross River Virus. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water sources, removing access to these sources can significantly reduce mosquito numbers.

Within the backyard the following steps will help reduce mosquito numbers:

    • cleaning gutters to prevent pooling,
    • removing items which retain water such as tyres and buckets,
    • regularly replacing water in pet water bowls, bird baths and pot plant trays
    • keeping swimming pools chlorinated,
    • keeping ponds stocked with mosquito eating fish and keeping edges free of vegetation.
    • screening rainwater tanks with insect proof mesh including inlet, overflow, and inspection pipes.
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Mosquito Control Program - Baiting Traps

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