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Helena Pipehead

May 1, 2019, 11:51 AM
Map detailing Helena Pipehead Walk Trail
Moderately easy walk with only a few steep parts, lovely views of the pipe head dam and beautiful orchids late spring.
Map URL : https://maps.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/intramaps98/default.htm?project=Kalamunda&module=Recreation%20Trails&form=363d79e7-fd91-427c-b49a-dafbf90601cc&fields=Helena%20Pipehead%20Walk
KML URL : https://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/docs/default-source/trail-details/kml-walk-trails/helena_pipehead_walk.kml?Status=Master&sfvrsn=a01167f_2&download=true
Distance : 5.2 km | Grade : 3 | Time to Complete: 120 minutes
NOTE: All are approximate and will vary depending on individual fitness and ability levels

Suburb : Gooseberry Hill
Location : Start point is end of Helena Valley Road, Helena Valley.


Trail Notes

Start: End of sealed road; there is room to park.

1. Take the left fork. The first part of the track is following the unmade Helena Valley Road.
2. Cross a dry water course with a steel bridge and a locked gate.
3. Continue on the track, good views of Pipe head Dam.
4. At this point, veer away from the river and head uphill.
5. At T-Junction, take the right fork at the Shire sign. This is the furthest point of the walk.
6. A track converges from the left near an old car body.
7. Ignore track to the right.
8. Cross an open area and through the white gate.
9. Rejoin main road and turn left.
10. Return to start.

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