Bins & Collections

Find out more about household rubbish collection.

What am I entitled to?

Each household is provided with:  

  • Weekly:  (Green Lid Bin) General Waste – 1 x 240 litre (lt) Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB)
  • Fortnightly: (Yellow Lid Bin) Recycling – 1 x 240lt MGB
  • Skip bins

Residents are to place their Waste Bin and Recycle Bin out on the verge for collection before 6am on their bin service day.
Weight Limit: Bins are not to exceed 70kg.

Download current Waste & Recycling Guide

New/Damaged/Stolen Bins
When do my Bins get collected?
Mattresses and Whitegoods

Service Date Changes

Additional Recycling Collections are provided over the Christmas and New Year period for all residents. Recycling bins are to be presented by residents of both Area 1 and Area 2 the week commencing Monday 28 December 2020 and the week commencing 4 January 2021. Fortnightly recycling collections will then resume as per the calendar. There will be no change to weekly general waste collections during this period (except for public holidays). Due to public holidays, collection of household waste has been altered on the following listed dates. Please view the table below to find the new date of collection during this time.

Table 1. Collection dates over the Christmas and New Year public holidays
If your normal collection day is:Your bin day will be collected on:
Friday 25 December 2020Saturday 26 December 2020
Friday 1 January 2021Saturday 2 January 2021
Friday 2 April 2021Saturday 3 April 2021
Table 2. General Waste (Green Top) Bin disposal guide
  • polystyrene
  • nappies
  • plastic bags
  • old household items
  • light globes
  • garden waste (trimmings, leaves, and lawn clippings)
  • ceramics, broken glass or mirrors
  • food scraps
  • general household waste
  • car parts or car batteries
  • chemical waste, paint or motor oil
  • liquids
  • medicines
  • host ashes
  • sawdust
  • soil
  • building materials


Table 3. Recycle (Yellow Top) Bin disposal guide
  • Glass bottles and jars (clean and empty)
  • Milk and juice cartons excl. silver lined such as long life milk cartons (clean and empty)
  • Newspapers, paper and magazines
  • Steel and aluminium cans (clean and empty)
  • Plastic bottles and containers (remove lids)
  • Paper (not shredded)
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened)
  • Foil – large amounts that have been combined and scrunched into a ball
  • Polystyrene, meat trays, cups and beads
  • Cling wrap / film
  • Take away coffee cups
  • Soft plastics, plastic bags or soft ‘scrunchable’ plastics – these can be taken to a REDcycle drop-off point for recycling. 
    Find a REDcycle drop-off point near you.
  • Light globes, gas bottles, flares, batteries and aerosols
  • flares
  • Nappies
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Green waste or food waste
  • Electronic waste
  • batteries – Use the Recycling Near You search to find a battery recycling point near you

Location of receptacles (bins)

When placing bins, owner or occupiers of the premises should:

  • Ensure the lid of the bin is able to remain shut (ie. the bin is not overflowing)
  • Place the receptacle within one (1) metre of the edge of the carriageway adjacent to the premises, but so that it does not obstruct a foot path cycleway or other carriageways.
  • Only place the bin receptacle on the kerb for a reasonable period before and after collection time.
  • Ensure the bin receptacle is located on the owner/occupier’s premises and not visible from a street or public place.

Figure 1. Placement of household rubbish bins on kerb.

This image shows the placement of household rubbish bins on kerb as explained in the list section above.


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