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Structure Plans / Local Development Plan / Subdivision Guide Plans

Structure Plan is a document consisting of text and maps which identifies how land is intended to be developed or is being developed and provides a broad framework to guide Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals.

Maida Vale


Pickering Brook

Wattle Grove

Cell 9 Wattle Grove  

Development Contribution Plan (DCP) 

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) is a legal arrangement between the City and specified landowner(s) to share the costs involved with building new infrastructure for an area.

The preparation of a DCP starts with the identification of a development area and its need for infrastructure. Land owners in the affected area are then required to contribute towards the cost of that infrastructure, but only once an application to develop/subdivide the land has been approved.

The City has the following DCPs:

Current Development Contribution Plans
Development Contribution Area Development Contribution Rate Date Rate Adopted
Forrestfield / High Wycombe Stage 1 Industrial Area$23.16 per square meter28 May 2024
Cell 9 Wattle Grove*$22,246 per lot28 May 2024
Maddington Kenwick Strategic Employment AreaTBCTBC
High Wycombe South Residential PrecinctTBCTBC

 *Cell 9 is an infrastructure cost scheme arrangement (ICSA), not a DCP as it was established prior to the establishment of State Planning Policy 3.6 and is not subject to clause 6.5 of LPS 3.

Interim Development Contribution Arrangements

Interim Development Contribution Arrangements (IDCA) provides a means by which subdivision and development conditions relating to interim contributions can be cleared and cost contributions made, allowing development to progress prior to either the formal gazettal of the Development Contribution Area, or in the case of the Forrestfield / High Wycombe Stage 1 Industrial Area prior to the final cost contribution rate being certain and based on actual costs.

In the case of IDCA arrangements that occur prior to gazettal, Local Planning Policy 25 - Interim Development Contribution Arrangements (LPP 25) provides guidance to landowners as to what the City deems to be a satisfactory cost contribution arrangement. 

Local Planning Policy 25 - Interim Development Contribution Arrangements

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