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27 Oct
Zoe & Zoe - Mural by Kalamunda Library
27 October 2021

Treasured Youth Co - Q&A with Zoe and Zoe

Why is there is a new mural in Kalamunda Library? What does it mean? Who created it? Zoe Horner of Treasured Youth Co and 15 year old artist Zoe Kerbey explain the meaning and the reason behind the new mural at Kalamunda Library.

28 Oct
Two males chatting and fishing
28 October 2021

Life Skills Workshop: Male Relationships

Presented by Man Up, this FREE workshop will focus on talking to boys about the value of relationships, how to develop positive ones, and how to foster / nurture these relationships into the future.

2 Nov
3 young lads chatting near a skate park area
2 November 2021

Life Skills Workshop: Male Culture

Presented by Man Up, this FREE workshop will focus on talking to boys about building good language and attitudes around their mates, addressing the stereotypes of masculinity in the past and how this has developed over time, and the transitions/stages that men go through in life.

4 Nov
25 Nov
Red tomatoes near rosemary, yellow peppers, mushroom and shallots and other spices on a wooden board
4-25 November 2021

Food Sensations Nutrition & Cooking Program

Want to learn more about healthy eating, food budgeting, and how to prepare healthy meals for you and your family? Join our FREE 4-week Nutrition and Cooking Program presented by the Foodbank Team.

24 Nov
An open book with some purple flowers near a blue patterned teacup and saucer
24 November 2021

Italy on my Tongue: Poems that taste of home

Join us for this FREE Italian themed poetry reading by WA poets Josephine Clarke and Rose van Son. Bookings are required.

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