Report a Bush Fire Hazard


A bushfire related hazard is defined as anything contrary to the current Fire Hazard Reduction Notice. This includes but is not limited to excessive fuel loads and poor or nonexistent fire breaks.

If you believe that you have sighted a bushfire related hazard, please report to the City.

When should I report a bushfire related hazard?

If you believe that a bushfire related hazard poses a threat to the control and extinguishment of a bushfire or the hazard significantly increases the potential for the spread of bush fire, may be grounds to report the matter to the City.

Please let us know when reporting a bushfire related hazard of the location e.g. Verge, Private Property, Reserve or Park. This will ensure the City is able to investigate the correct area of concern especially if the matter relates to large parcels of land.

All these requests will be investigated, and the City will take the appropriate action. The City recognises it does not have the resources to detect all bushfire related hazards, therefore requires the assistance of the Community to notify it of significant bushfire related hazards. The community may also assist the City by proactively ensuring they are bushfire ready.
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