The Scott Reserve located in High Wycombe with the footy oval being lit up with recent lighting upgrades completed in June 2020.

Capital Grants Funding

Capital Grants process for sporting clubs and community groups.

The Capital Grants Program is an annual program opening on 01 August and closing 30 September each year. The City and Council consider capital grant requests the year prior to any financial assistance for their project being available.

The City of Kalamunda is pleased to provide financial assistance through the Capital Grants Program to clubs and community groups seeking to develop new or upgraded capital community infrastructure. In 2017, the City established the Capital Grants Program to provide a coordinated approach to the planning, assessment and approval of capital grant requests from clubs and community groups.

The City understands and encourages sporting clubs and community groups to seek external funding sources other than local government funding to delivery their projects. The first stage in seeking external funding support for your project to apply through the City's Capital Program. If applications are endorsed by Council any external funding opportunities will be coordinated between City Officers and the club or community group to maximise opportunities to obtain external funding sources.

Further information on the Capital Grants Program is contained within the Application Guidelines, which are available for download here.

All sporting clubs and community groups considering a Capital Grants application must contact the City of Kalamunda’s Leisure Planning Officers on (08) 9257 9999 to discuss their eligibility, the application process and form

Information assisting sporting clubs and community groups in undertaking facility planning should refer to our sports and recreation planning section .

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