City of Kalamunda, get ready to FOGO in September/October 2024!

FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics) refers to the weekly collection of food scraps and garden organics, which once collected will be turned into compost, soil conditioner and mulch. A handy way to think about FOGO is 'if it didn't live or grow, it isn't FOGO'.

As the population grows, so does the amount of waste generated. It is important that we take action on our waste now. The FOGO bin service diverts a significant amount of organic waste from landfill, and instead recycles it into compost.

The FOGO bin has already been successfully introduced in several local government areas and others are joining this sustainability initiative. Everyone can help reduce the impact of waste and improve environmental outcomes by using their kerbside bins correctly.

Currently, residents within the City of Kalamunda, generate about 480kg of waste per annum per resident, which is the seventh highest within the 32 Councils that make up the Perth and Peel region. Of this 480kg, only 22% is diverted away from landfill. The current waste system is not sustainable or in line with best practice kerbside collection.

The rollout of FOGO is supported by the Government of Western Australia and the Waste Authority through the Better Bins Program as well as the Better Bins Plus: GO FOGO Program.

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City to push ahead with Waste Management Initiatives
The City of Kalamunda will push ahead with plans to implement for residents a Food Organic and Garden Organic (FOGO) kerbside collection and processing in 2024
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What is FOGO and ‘Better Bins’?

FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics and refers to the collection of food scraps and natural material from your garden to create high quality compost through a three-bin system.

FOGO is currently best practice for waste management and recycling and previous implementation shows it will double, at a minimum, the amount of waste diverted away from landfill (though this may be much larger depending of the area and bin system currently in place).

FOGO is part of the statewide ‘Better Bins’ initiative as part of the WARR strategy, which aims to reduce waste through a multi-pronged circular approach including strategies to:

  1. Avoid – help people generate less waste to start with 
  2. Recover – help people recycle more and reduce contamination
  3. Recover – ensure more value is extracted from waste 
  4. Protect – ensure waste is managed responsibly to protect the environment

Learn more about ‘Better Bins’ and FOGO.


What does FOGO mean?
Why is the City of Kalamunda introducing a FOGO bin?
When will the FOGO bin service start?
What can be put in the FOGO bin?
Why are the bin lid colours changing?
What changes will happen to my bin service?
What goes in what bin?
How will I remember which bin to put out?
Who will get a FOGO service?
I've heard there have been changes to recycling? What are they and why?
What are soft plastics?
But I have my own compost heap/ worm farm/ bury my organic waste/ have chooks… What if I already have a compost bin or worm farm, bury my organic waste or have chickens?
What’s in it for me?
Will there be changes to collection days?
Do I have to use compostable bags?
Can I use plastic bags?
What’s the difference between biodegradable bags and compostable bags?
Is my caddy dishwasher safe?
What will happen to the waste in the FOGO bin?
Will my bin smell?
Can nappies, continence pads and menstrual hygiene products go in the FOGO bin?
Will there be any changes to my recycling bin?
My recycling bin is always full. What can I do?
Can I opt out of having 3-bins and remain with just the 2-bin system?
Will you be auditing and checking our bins?
My bin is damaged, what should I do?
Will the FOGO service cost me?
I don’t have room on my verge for three bins.
I live on a small block and don’t have space for a third bin.
My household produces too much general waste. What can I do?
My family has special needs — I can’t have my general waste bin emptied fortnightly.
Will Commercial properties receive a FOGO bin service?
Do the volumes of waste collected change?
Will there be a reduction in the amount of waste collected?
Can I take my caddy with me?

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Learn more about statewide wastes initiatives or download the WARR Strategy 2030.

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