Skip Bins

The City provides skip bins to residents for the collection of green waste and general household waste.

The Skip Bin service is an on-request service. Residents can select from either a general waste bin (blue) or green waste bin (green). Households are entitled to any combination of up to three skip bins per financial year (excludes commercial and industrial premises). Both the general and green waste skip bins are three (3) cubic metres.
Households that meet the following criteria are entitled to an additional green waste bin(s) only, to assist with bush fire management.

  • One additional green waste bin is available for properties 2000m2–5000m2
  • Two additional green waste bins are available for properties over 5000m2

How to Order a Skip Bin: Cleanaway Services
Order here online through Cleanaway *
Alternatively, telephone: (08) 9449 3332 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm)

Skip Information

Green Waste

Skip Bin Colour: GREEN

The green waste bin is designed for Green Waste only. The plant waste in the bin is not to stick up over the top of the bin.
Please note the following:

  • no sand
  • no lawn
  • no coppers logs
  • no sleepers
  • no rubbish
  • no plastic bags
  • no recyclables
  • no furniture
  • no demolition material – building & timber.
Image of the Green Bin

General Waste

Skip Bin Colour: BLUE

The blue skip blue is for General Waste. The general waste in the bin is not to stick up over the top of the bin.
Please note the following:

  • no builders waste including – bricks, pavers, sand, concrete and tiles
  • no lawn sod
  • no mattresses
  • no white goods including fridges and freezers
  • no e-waste
  • no Asbestos
  • no hardiflex or fibrocement materials
  • no hazardous waste (chemicals or medical waste)
  • no liquid waste of any kind
  • no car parts including tyres
Image of Blue Bin

Delivery Information

Residents can select either a weekday or weekend delivery. Please inform Cleanaway of your preference when ordering the skip bin.

Delivery and collection of skip bins to verges are done at anytime between 7am - 6pm on allocated day.

Weekday Delivery: normally* bins will be

  • delivered Monday and collected Wednesday
  • delivered Tuesday and collected Thursday or,
  • delivered Wednesday and collected Friday.

Skip bins will remain on your verge for two evenings and one full day.

Weekend Delivery: normally* bins will be

  • Delivered Thursday or Friday and collected Monday the following week

Skip bins will remain on your verge for up to, four evenings and three to four (3-4) days, depending on the delivery day.

* Delivery or pickup dates may be adjusted to meet operational and logistic requirements, however the duration on your verge will not be less than what is indicated above. Please note there is increased demand for weekend skip bins and waiting times may apply. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended residents contact Cleanaway two to three (2-3) weeks prior to your desired delivery date.

NOTE: Any form of abuse or violence towards Cleanaway staff will not be tolerated and may result in your services being terminated.

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