Invoice requirements

As part of City of Kalamunda commitment to continuous improvement, we will be soon upgrading our invoicing systems.

To ensure prompt processing and payment of your invoices, we ask that our suppliers:

  1. Start emailing all invoices to
    • Submit your invoices as attachments in the email (e.g. PDF file). No links or zip files.
    • Each attachment must contain only ONE invoice and any supporting documentation.
    • You can attach multiple invoices in the same email, but each invoice needs to be in a separate file attachment.
  2. Confirm all invoices adhere to our invoice requirements as outlined below.

Invoice requirements

Please ensure the following details are on your invoice:

  • A valid Purchase Order number.  (If you haven’t already received a Purchase Order, you will need to contact the Council Officer who requested your services.)
  • An invoice number and invoice date.
  • GST calculated correctly.
  • Addressed to City of Kalamunda.
    All invoices must comply with ATO requirements.

Returned invoices

Your invoice will be returned if it does not comply with the above invoice requirements.

A valid Purchase Order must be in place prior to engagement of works.

We will send an email outlining why your invoice has been returned. Once the information has been amended, please resend the amended invoice to

Please note that all Invoices are paid 30 Days End of Month on Receipt of Invoice. Any payments that are required outside of these terms must be requested and approved prior to Invoice being forwarded to the City please email if you require further information.

Questions and support

For any payment enquiries relating to invoices, such as follow up of payment, please email the Accounts Payable team at

For any procurement queries, email

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