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Development of Bicycle Plan 2017

Project Status : Complete
Estimated Completion Date : December 2019
Location : City Wide

This plan was developed following extensive consultation undertaken in February–March 2017.

The Bicycle Plan proposes cycling infrastructure grouped by dedicated Principal Shared Paths, strategic routes, local routes, training routes, and Safe Active Streets. The Bicycle Plan also proposes education and awareness programs to support the delivery of infrastructure and encourage the community to ride bicycles.

UPDATE: October 2018
The Bicycle Plan 2017 has now been adopted by Council at the June Ordinary Council Meeting:

Minutes Confirmed OCM 26 June 2018 (refer to 10.2.1)
Bicycle Plan 2017 Technical Report
Bicycle Plan 2017 Summary Report

During 2018/2019 the City will be working on the following projects from the Bicycle Plan:

  • Consultation on options for improving cycling and pedestrian access to the Zig Zag Scenic Drive
  • Design and consultation on a local cycling route through High Wycombe including the public access ways from Maclarty Way to Newburn Road, and a route along Butcher Road, Palmer Crescent and Mack Place through to Maida Vale Road.

Part of the concept for the High Wycombe cycling route will include a Safe Active Street, otherwise known as a Bike Boulevard. This is a landscaped street where the normal vehicle traffic is calmed and slowed to a safe speed (30 km/hr) so that cyclists can freely ride along the road with the traffic.


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