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Stirk Park Upgrade

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : TBC
Location : Stirk Park, Kalamunda Road, Kalamunda


Please observe and follow any signage and directions on site.

Commencing: February - May 2022
Works include rebuilding, extending and beautifying the lake. As there will be heavy construction in the area, temporary fencing will be placed around the lake and creek. 

Further works include replacement of culverts located at the inlet open drain to the pond, installation of an Ecosol storm pit and refurbishment of the outlet open drain from the pond. 

All reasonable efforts will be made to complete the works on schedule, subject to weather and ground conditions. Landowners and businesses will be contacted and provided with details if there are any significant changes to program.


April 2022: Nature play space adopted by Council on Tuesday, 26 April. View designs here

View Playground Concept Plans here (supplied by Nature Play Solutions)

February 2022 - The City has received written confirmation from Rotary Club of Kalamunda will contribute $75,000 towards the Stirk Park upgrades.

January 2022 - The City has secured a $1.715 million grant from Lotterywest towards the construction and associated costs for development of the playground and skate park. Pre-works will commence shortly around the Lake area to improve the Park drainage system and set up for the playground. Detailed design of the playground is expected in April 2022. [read full media release]

September 2021 - The City has allocated $316,000 in the 2021/22 Budget to undertake detail design of the skate park and playground, kicking off the improvements at Stirk Park. In addition, we recently applied to Lotterywest for funding of the $3million upgrade – we’re awaiting the outcome ATM. We’ll announce to the community as soon as we know more.

October 2020 - Concept designs for Stage One priorities of the Stirk Park Master Plan including the new play space and skate park are now completed following a detailed community consultation process.

The concepts were endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of the 25th August 2020 and the City are now seeking external funding opportunities to implement the project.

March 2020 -  Stirk Park has been given a storm water health upgrade, with the installation of a Baffle Box Gross Pollutant Trap. Baffle boxes are concrete or fiberglass structures containing a series of sediment settling chambers separated by baffles, key functions as follows:

  • The Baffle Box is being used to treat runoff entering Stirk Park.
  • The structure is designed to help reduce the amount of sediment and polluted stormwater that enters Stirk Park and the creek.
  • The pollutant separating screen system in the centre of box filters out large debris; this includes leaves sticks and litter.
  • By slowing the flow through the stormwater pipe the baffle box allows time for sediment to settle out of the water, this collects in the bottom of the box.
  • The result is cleaner water entering the drainage reserve which in turn improves the water quality of Poison Gully. 

The pollutant trap will significantly reduce the amount of pollutants entering the Stirk Park and is expected to be operational by April 2020. Once installed, the trap will catch litter, particularly cigarette butts and pieces of plastics, before they enter the creek.


Back in 2018, the City adopted the Stirk Park Master Plan, which includes the development of a new playground and a skate park to replace the existing facility on Canning Road. These components were identified as being priority items for the community. Since then, further community engagement and concept planning has been undertaken, which were endorsed by Council in August 2020.

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