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Office Facilities

The City of Kalamunda Libraries offer a primarily free service, however there are some services which have a cost recovery charge.  Fees and charges are reviewed annually.

Photocopiers & Printing

A self-service photocopier is available at all libraries. Copies are available in black and white, and colour. The photocopiers are coin operated and do not give change. Staff can change small notes or coins to assist you.

Costs are:      

  • Black and white A4 – 20c each
  • Black and white A3 – 40c each
  • Colour A4 - $1 each Colour A3 - $2 each


Scanning of documents to email addresses is available at 20c per email sent.

Public Computers

The City of Kalamunda Libraries provide members with 2 hours of free access to the internet and free computer use. Children aged 12 or under who wish to use the internet must have parental permission.  After 2 hours: $2.50 per hour


    Laminating is available at Kalamunda and Forrestfield libraries.

    A4 - $2.40 each   A3 - $4.80 each  

    Merchandise for Sale

    Table 2. Merchandise and cost

    Description Cost
    USB Device (8 Gig) $8.00
    Library Bag ( Calico) $5.00
    Earbuds for use on PC’s $4.00
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