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Forrestfield / High Wycombe Industrial Area

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : May 2028
Location : Area located by Roe Highway, Berkshire Road, Milner Road and Sultana Road West in Forrestfield/High Wycombe

The Forrestfield/High Wycombe Industrial Area is generally bounded by Roe Highway, Berkshire Road, Milner Road and Sultana Road West. The area was historically used for rural living and orcharding, however since 2012 the area has transitioned with the development of a range of light industrial development land uses, particularly logistics and transport-based industries. 

The Forrestfield/High Wycombe development area is located within the City of Kalamunda and is generally bound by Sultana Road West to the north, Roe Highway to the east, Berkshire Road to the south and Milner Road to the west. The area is now being developed under the Industrial Development zone, in accordance with the adopted Structure Plan, taking into consideration the Design Guidelines for the area.

The Structure Plan is intended to primarily facilitate the development of logistics and transport-based industries that can take advantage of the location of the land and its proximal relationship with key transport infrastructure.

The proposed industrial development of the precinct necessitates the provision of infrastructure upgrades in the
form of new road connections, upgrades to existing roads to accommodate heavy vehicle movements and the
relocation of service infrastructure. These infrastructure upgrades are considered to benefit all landowners and necessitated by the planned industrial redevelopment of the precinct; as such a Development Contribution Plan was prepared under the provisions of the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 3 to share the costs of infrastructure upgrades amongst landowners.

Development Contribution Plan
The Development Contribution Plan (DCP), formally introduced in May 2013, outlines the costs of infrastructure within the development contribution area and sets the rate payable by developers who will contribute to the delivery of infrastructure. The DCP is administered through Clause 6.5 and Schedule 12 of the Local Planning Scheme No.3.

A summary of the historical Cost Contribution rates adopted since the inception if this DCP is as follows:

Date Adopted  Cost Contribution Rate
 December 2012  $23.03/m²
 December 2013  $28.49/m²
 June 2015  $31.23/m²
Reduced to $29.66/m² to account for only 50% of the cost of Sultana Road West.
 December 2016  $29.79/m²
 December 2018  $17.01/m² Comprehensive review of utility cost
estimates resulting in significant reduction in cost. 
July 2020 $20.97/m²
December 2021 $21.66/m² for immediate application and for the purposes of public advertising.
June 2022$21.57/m2
May 2024$23.16/m2

The current Cost Contribution rate adopted by the Council on 28 May 2024 is $23.16/m².

A copy of the latest DCP Report and relevant Council Minutes may be viewed below under Related Documents. 

Design Guidelines/Vision Statement
The intent of the guidelines is to ensure development in the industrial area will be of a high standard which is attractive, functional and sustainable which will attract a range of companies eager to locate in the area given the strategic locational attributes of the area.

The purpose of the vision statement is to show graphically how the industrial area is proposed to be developed and to provide context to the area.

The Design Guidelines were adopted by Council in August 2019.

Amendment 105 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Method for Calculating Contributions

The City received confirmation that, in accordance with Section 87(2)(a) of the Planning and Development Act 2005, the Minister approved Amendment 105 on 5 May 2021.  for the purposes of:

  1. Amending Schedule 12 ‘Method for Calculating Contributions’ to read as follows and deleting all other notes:

 ‘Contribution rate’ = Cost of infrastructure items + cost of administrative items ($)

Net lot area of DCA (m²)

Amendment 105 modified the ‘Method for Calculating Contributions’ (Method) for Development Contribution Area 1 (DCA 1) under Schedule 12 of Local Planning Scheme No. 3 to remove the supplementary notes listed below the equation used for calculating the Cost Contribution Rate. Amendment 105 aligns the Method and practical application of the calculation of Cost Contribution Rates under DCA 1. 

Stage 1 – Development Contribution Plan (DCP) Report

The City of Kalamunda (City) has undertaken the annual review of the Development Contribution Plan (DCP). The Council, at its Ordinary Council meeting on 28 May 2024, resolved to adopt the Forrestfield / High Wycombe Industrial Area Development Contribution Plan Report (DCP Report), and a Cost Contribution Rate of $23.16/m², for immediate application under Clause 6.5 and Schedule 12 of Local Planning Scheme No. 3.

The detailed DCP Report, including cost estimates and revised calculation methodology, can be viewed in the Document Library via DCP Report in May 2024.


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