Earth Passion

16 August 2024 : 6:00 PM - 08 September 2024 : 4:00 PM

Earth Passion is a collaborative exhibition about artistic processes and the inherent beauty of textiles from Aggie King-Azzam, Linda Stokes, and Mo Woltersdorf


Earth Passion brings together three talented artists who share a profound love for textiles and mixed media. This collaborative exhibition explores the powerful intersection of artistic expression, environmental consciousness, and the transformative potential of repurposed materials.

Drawing inspiration from the inherent textures, colours, and histories embedded within reclaimed materials, King-Azzam, Stokes, and Woltersdorf employ different techniques to reimagine and transform them into extraordinary works of art.

Earth Passion is a collaborative exploration of the artistic process, the inherent beauty of textiles, and the profound impact of creative reuse. 

Exhibition Dates:

17 August – 8 September 2024


Opening Night:

6:00pm Friday 16 August 2024


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