Bin Tagging

Our bin tagging program will begin in February 2024.  We’ll be visiting various suburbs within the City of Kalamunda.

The City of Kalamunda is working with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) to provide bin tagging education to randomly selected households. Funding and support has been provided by the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) to assist the City with the bin tagging trial.

WALGA has been running the bin tagging program since 2015.  It involves a quick look inside kerbside waste and recycling bins and then attaching a tag to bin handles to provide on-the-spot feedback for the householder. Educators do not rummage through the bins and they only look at what is immediately visible.

Many Perth Local Government areas have undertaken bin tagging programs. The program is proven to substantially improve household recycling and waste management performance.  Experience shows that the improvements stick which highlights the effectiveness of giving individual feedback to households.

Bin Tagging FAQs

What is Bin Tagging?
Why is the program being undertaken?
Which bins are being tagged?
How do I know who the educators are?
What happens if there is contamination in my bin?
What information is on the tags?
Why is recycling contamination an issue?
Is my privacy at risk from bin tagging?
Will anyone be named and shamed?
Will there be any fines?
What if I don't have a recycling bin?
What if I don't use a recyling bin?
Why can't I bag my recyclables?
What are soft plastics and why can’t they be put in my recycling bin?
I still have questions. Who do I contact?
What do I do with the bin tags once I have seen them?
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