City Celebrates Independent Print Culture with Paper Treasures Exhibition

30 April 2024 12:09 PM

The City of Kalamunda is proud to showcase the local risograph and print art community in a colourful display of prints as part of the Paper Treasures exhibition at the Zig Zag Gallery this month.

Paper Treasures brings together a diverse range of independent print and risography communities from around the globe, including Mexico, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and across Australia. Featuring Neighbourhood Press, Glom Press, Ashley Ronning, Risolana, and RETROjam, the exhibition will include graphic novel workshops, artist talks, and Kalamunda’s first Zine Fair – featuring a performance from local band Simone and Girlfunkle, and an eclectic display of subcultures and DIY communities expressed through handmade comics, manifestos, fanzines and collages.

Mayor Margaret Thomas emphasised the cultural importance of art and its impact on community life stating, “Art is a powerful avenue for social and cultural enrichment within our community.

"Each exhibition is a celebration of our local artists, highlighting their talents and contributions in enlivening our spaces and enhancing our experiences. I am thrilled to introduce Paper Treasures and the first Zine Fair to our City and encourage everyone to join us for this exciting exhibition.”

Risographs, originating in the mid-80s by the Riso Kagaku Corporation, use digital files to create stencils on master sheets, akin to digital screen printing, and print one color at a time. By manually layering colours and images artists can have greater control over texture and colour, and any happy accidents make each print unique.

Paper Treasures runs from Saturday 11 May to Sunday 9 June 2024 at the Zig Zag Gallery. The Zine Fair, a one-day extravaganza, coincides with the exhibition's opening on 11 May starting at 10am.

For more information contact the City via phone 9257 9999, visit or email

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