Fees and Charges

This schedule of fees and charges for Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre (KPAC) apply for the 2023/2024 financial year.

Please note that extra charges will be retained from Bond for extra cleaning, or security call-outs if facility alarm is not armed at the end of the event.

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Table 1. KPAC fees and charges
Facility Category Charge rate Community Commercial Refundable bond
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)
Performance without alcoholPer hour$97.50$130.00$400.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Performance consuming alcohol
Per hour$150.00$200.00$700.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Non-audience - Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$37.50$50.00$400.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (minimum 3 hours)
Per hour$51.50$51.50n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (minimum 3 hours) - Public Holiday Rate
Half hour$77.25$77.25n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (half hour meeting)Per hour$25.75$25.75n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)
Duty Supervisor Per hour$51.50$51.50n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Front of House CoordinatorPer hour$46.50$46.50n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Front of House Coordinator - Public Holiday RatePer hour$69.50$69.50n/a
Teaching Area (no alcohol permitted)
Performance/function (no alcohol)
Per hour$50.00$50.00$400.00
Teaching Area (no alcohol permitted)Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$25.00$35.00$400.00
Agricultural Hall (Main Hall, kitchen, includes Lesser Hall if requested)
Function without alcohol
Per hour
Agricultural Hall (Main Hall, kitchen, includes Lesser Hall if requested)Function consuming alcohol
Per hour
Agricultural Hall (Main Hall, kitchen, includes Lesser Hall if requested)Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$36.00$42.50$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser Hall
Function without alcoholPer hour$34.00$40.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser HallRehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$17.00$20.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser Hall
Gallery Exhibition Function per day$40.00$40.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser HallGallery Exhibition Set up/ Pack upper hour$20.00$20.00$400.00
Table 2. Theatre Extras
CategoryCharge RateCommunityCommercialRefundable bond
Grand Piano
Per day
Portable PA system (add $63.80 per extra day)
Per day$135.00$135.00n/a
Data projector (add $63.80 per extra day)
Per day$158.00$158.00n/a
Radio Wireless Microphones
Per day$48.00$48.00n/a
Follow Spot LightingPer day$55.00$55.00n/a
Test & Tag Service (equipment not done by hirer)Per tag$5.00$5.00


Hazer +5L  of Fluid (add $30.00 per extra 1 litre used)Per day$70.00$70.00n/a
Table 3. Other charges (all areas)
CategoryCharge rateCommunityCommercial
Key bond (Refundable)
Per event
Overnight storage (set/equipment/decorations etc.) [midnight - 9am]
Per day

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