Filming Tool Kit

Filming in Kalamunda

An application to film in Kalamunda can be completed online and a link to the form is found below. A copy of the completed form will be emailed to you for your reference. The City’s point of contact will be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your application. Please feel free to contact the City for more information or for any assistance submitting your application. 

Complete a Filming Application

Filming on Roads in the City of Kalamunda

A permit is required when filming from a Specialised Filming Vehicle (including Low Loader and/or Tracking vehicles) or a Modified Vehicle (including camera mounts, rigging and dressed vehicles).  Please refer to the ScreenWest report on Road Traffic Regulations to see what traffic management is required and if a permit exemption is needed for your filming activity.

Filming in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to a highly skilled industry of film professionals, equipped with a range of production and post production facilities and high quality equipment. Both commercial and independent production companies produce content for a range of formats including feature films, television, commercials, animation and interactive multi media. For a comprehensive list of production facilities and crew available in Western Australia contact Screenwest.

Find out more from ScreenWest

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