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Planting Native Plant
28 July 2020

Calling the community to build our urban forest canopy

National Tree Day is Australia’s largest community tree-planting event and the City of Kalamunda is asking the community to join them in planting habitat for wildlife and enhance our neighbourhoods by building on our urban forest canopy.
Caution tape surround a bitumen road
27 July 2020

Drivers asked to show caution

Road users are asked to slow down and take care on the roads, especially where Emergency Services or road-side workers are operating. Drivers need to be especially vigilant during wet weather when visibility can be poor and when stopping distances need to be increased to allow for slippery roads.
Illustration of customised City of Kalamunda Car Number plates
27 July 2020

City of Kalamunda limited edition licence plates available

City of Kalamunda residents have a new way to show their passion for where they live, work and play. Limited edition licence plates are now available from the City’s Administration Offices.
Seven autumn leaves on a line changing from green on left to red on the right
27 July 2020

City Opens Community Creativity Competition

The City of Kalamunda’s Creative Writing and Digital Art Competition is open for entries from anyone studying, working or living in the area.
Construction of the Kalamunda Community Centre building on 16 July 2020 located at Jorgensen Park in Kalamunda
24 July 2020

New Kalamunda Community Centre Construction Moving Forward

Construction of the new Kalamunda Community Centre at Jorgensen Park is moving ahead, both on time and budget, with the main building framework up and roof expected in coming weeks.
22 July 2020

Heidelberg Park Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment

On 21 July 2020 the WAPC commenced advertisement of the MRS Amendment. Plans showing the proposed changes and the WAPC's amendment report and options to provide comment are now available.
Fox stalking next to some grass and fallen log
10 July 2020

Targeting feral foxes at Crumpet Creek Reserve - Mundy Regional Park

Keeping our parks free of invasive and destructive species is essential if we want to protect the diverse range of native species in our local, natural landscape. One such species is the red fox, an introduced species that impacts our environment, and our economy. These feral animals contribute to the loss of natural habitat and the decline of native animals including marsupials, nesting birds and reptiles across Australia. Foxes compete for habitat, spread weeds and diseases, and kill and damage livestock including domestic poultry, and pets.
Two small dogs running next to each-other on a dirt track
9 July 2020

Proposed new dog law for our furry friends

The City of Kalamunda is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership to enhance animal welfare and improve community safety. We understand that pets are important members of many families, with dogs often accompanying their owners out and about in the community.
Two colleagues shaking hands in a meeting
9 July 2020

City Seeks Nominations for Economic Development Advisory Committee

The City of Kalamunda has opened nominations for a new economic development advisory committee to provide guidance in the implementation of the City’s Economic Development Strategy.
9 July 2020

City’s Waste Management Gets 20-year Boost

The City of Kalamunda’s Walliston Transfer station has been granted a 20-year licence by the Department Water Environment & Regulation (DWER).
View of the fields from soccer stadium seats at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre
9 July 2020

Hartfield Park nominates for Women’s World Cup 2023 Training Site

The City of Kalamunda has partnered with the Forrestfield United Football Club’s (FUFC) for Hartfield Park to become a training site for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.
Two small dogs running next to each-other on a dirt track
8 July 2020

Proposed Dogs Local Law 2020

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 23 June 2020 proposed to make a new local law, the City of Kalamunda Dogs Local Law 2020.
8 July 2020

Omnibus Amendment to Local Planning Policy 10, 11, and 16

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 26 May 2020 resolved to adopt the Omnibus Amendment to Local Planning Policy 10, 11, and 16, pursuant to Clause 5(2) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.
The Scott Reserve located in High Wycombe with the footy oval being lit up with recent lighting upgrades completed in June 2020.
2 July 2020

Scott Reserve Master Plan Adopted

Scott Reserve is set to become a place for everyone to grow, learn and play in the heart of High Wycombe.
Aerial view of Heidel Park located on the corner of Pomeroy and Canning Road in Carmel
2 July 2020

Heidelberg Clears Hurdle

The City of Kalamunda has welcomed an announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) that the Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment can proceed to public advertising.
2 July 2020

2020/2021 Draft Budget Adopted by Council

The City of Kalamunda’s 2020/21 Budget has been adopted by Council setting a framework focused on financial sustainability, delivery of priority capital works projects and measures to assist those in the community suffering financial hardship because of COVID-19.
View of netball courts located at Maida Vale Netball Centre
29 June 2020

Maida Vale Reserve Upgrades Planned

The City of Kalamunda wants to drive forward a $15.5 million plan to improve infrastructure at the Maida Vale Reserve to meet the demands of the local community and deliver opportunities for increased wellbeing.
View of the Kalamunda History Village including the steam train and other outbuildings
29 June 2020

2020 Heritage Award Finalist - Kalamunda History Village

The City of Kalamunda is excited to reveal that the Kalamunda History Village is a finalist in the WA Heritage Awards, 2020.
An image of walking bush trail with a hiker carrying a backpack.
29 June 2020

City Applauds New WA-Hiking Strategy

The City of Kalamunda has welcomed this week’s announcement of a 10-year WA Hiking Strategy by the State Government.
Council Chambers - Microphone
24 June 2020

Amended Notice of Special Meeting of Council

Notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers, Administration Centre, 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda, on: Tuesday 30 June 2020 commencing at 6.30 pm.
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